Racial Reconciliation




“It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o'clock on Sunday morning."

--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


How can we call ourselves by Christ’s name and continue to embrace segregation in our times of worship? Christ came to reconcile man to God, and in doing so, He also reconciled man to man. Given this fact, how can we continue to be so cavalier about racial reconciliation in the house of God?


Church on the Hill (DeSoto) and Deliverance Point Church have, for the past 3 years, been committed to the cause of racial reconciliation. We share a building, and we share multiple opportunities throughout the year to participate in ministry activities to DeSoto. We love one another, and love the opportunities to worship together and preach Christ together to our town. On Sunday, 26 Aug 18, both churches will engage in a Pastor Swap—a very popular idea among churches that seek to understand and embrace one another on multiracial grounds.


During that Sunday’s worship services, we will swap pastors for the day. Jessica Boyd will bring the message to Church on the Hill at 10:30 AM, and Michael Mitchell will bring the message to Deliverance Point Church during the 1:00 PM service. Both pastors will be in attendance in both services, and we expect a time of edification and reconciliation by the power of God’s Holy Spirit.


The national media never miss an opportunity to show a fractured world in racial disarray—conflict, riots, violence, and viral hashtags make it seem as though Dr. King’s words will remain true in perpetuity. This is why we are encouraging all members to attend worship that day: it is a chance to demonstrate to the world that God has a better way, and it is a chance to model what “that way” looks like. Let’s work together to make Sunday the 26th of August 2018 the most INTEGRATED hour of the year.


Church on the Hill: www.churchonthehillag.org

Deliverance Point Church: http://deliverancepointchurch.org/

800 S. Hampton DeSoto Texas 75115