“It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven  o’clock on Sunday morning.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

How can we call ourselves by Christ’s name and continue to embrace segregation in our times of worship? Christ came to reconcile man to God, and in doing so, He also reconciled man to man. Given this fact, how can we continue to be so cavalier about racial reconciliation in the house of God?

We refuse to continue the regrettable status quo of the single-race church. We are committed to racial reconciliation—worshiping together, as God Almighty intended. If you’re looking for a place where racial healing is taking place, rather than just being spoken about, won’t you join us?

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Sunday School: 9:30am | Worship Service: 10:30am
Adult Prayer/Youth: 6:00pm Wednesday Nights


If you’re not growing in the knowledge of the Lord, then you’re leaving out an important part of what God intended for you. Christ designed the Church to be the place where we learn the deep things of the Lord. Our desire for you isn’t just that you get “the feels,” but rather that you also engage in constant learning about the God you confess.

Often, as you grow in the Lord in knowledge and maturity, you will have serious questions. Sometimes, you even show up with hard questions! It is unfortunate that many in Christianity have implied that no Christian should have doubts or questions. But we think that’s normal—and we want to help you find answers.

Bring your tough questions. Bring your doubts. Bring your unresolved crisis. Bring your baggage. A family is just the place for this, and we’d like to take the journey with you.


Systematic Theology from Michael Mitchell and The Remnant Radio


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Church Family


Church isn’t a club; it’s a family. When Christ established the Church, it wasn’t to give us a list of chores to do; it was to set us in a loving group of people who would consider our needs, desires and growth ahead of their own. It’s the way of love. It’s the way of Christ.

If you’re trying to grow in Christ by yourself, you’re doing this wrong. Why not be adopted into a family who will love you no matter what? Why not come take your place in a family that is committed to you and your growth? If we’re not growing up in the Lord, we’re failing. Come be a part of this family, and grow in Him together.

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