Isn’t “church” just a club for like-minded people?
Yeah, we don’t think so, either.

We think that’s where “church” went wrong in the last century—it stopped being the Church and started being “church”—a place where people who look alike, think alike, and worship alike gather once a week to check off “attended church” from their to-do list. But we think it should mean so much more….

It should be a place where unbelievers can come, feel welcome to ask questions, and directly engage believers.

It should be a place where other believers can build friendships with one another, sharpening one another.

It should be a place where sound doctrine is taught—not just briefly mentioned while we pursue some spectacular experience.

Church In a world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity, “church” should be a place in which unbelievers are engaged and believers are trained to engage. We should know what we believe—and why we believe it. We’d love to have you stop in, grab a cup of coffee with Pastor Jerry, or ask some troubling theology questions. Enjoy our Video of the Month, listen to last Sunday’s message, or engage the Wheels-Off Theologian in discourse on his blog. Give us a little bit of your time, and we’ll give you what we have: love, acceptance, and the strength of a family who accepts you—no matter what.

Church is not a Club At Church On The Hill, you’ll receive sound instruction in the Word of God, and you’ll also be part of a family—because that’s what church is: a family of believers who edify one another, spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to others, and serve the community. It’s a place where you learn to listen to God’s call on your life….get your gifts and talents developed for your own ministry…belong to something greater than yourself.

What are you waiting for? Come on by. We love you already, and we’re pretty sure it would better with you around here.

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