Church On The Hill is an Assembly of God church located in DeSoto, Texas. Like all evangelical churches, everyone is welcome to attend here, regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, vegetable preference, or allergy medication.

We take seriously our commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the resultant doctrines. For this reason, almost all that we do is oriented toward teaching—whether it’s Sunday School, the Sunday morning message, praise, Wednesday night Bible study, or youth group. We are less interested in having a Christian club and more interested in maintaining a Christ-centered family. To this end, one of our big stresses is on the people of the Church knowing what they believe and why they believe it. Families take care of each other, so we also stress the importance of meeting people’s physical needs, as well.

We’d like to visit you wherever you are: a house, an apartment, jail, the hospital, the street…our highest goal is to share the transformative love of Jesus Christ with you wherever you happen to be.

We have Sunday School classes that start at 9:30 A.M. on Sunday mornings, followed by our Sunday morning service at 10:30. Services usually last from around an hour to an hour and a half; we strive for a low Windbag Factor. We meet for small groups on Sunday evenings at 5:00 in homes and at the church (where child care is available), while the youth meet upstairs for a time of Bible study, dinner and fun.

Although we’ll certainly enjoy hanging out with you, we’d like for you to find your purpose—your calling. To this end, we have a variety of areas in which you can get involved: children’s ministry, youth ministry, music ministry, pastoral care and visitation, and others. If you have questions about theology or philosophy, we encourage you to blog with us. If you’ve never read the Bible, we have a blog for that, too…follow with us as we read it through each year (usually twice!).

Check out the rest of our website….and come see us Sunday!