Isn’t “worship” just shallow pop music?

Not here.

We know the drill…evangelical churches all seem to work from the same checklist:

  • Synthesizers
  • V-drums
  • Re-hashed Chris Tomlin tunes

 But things are a little different at Church On The Hill…we value creativity AND our history.


Our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services start with a musical portion—a time set aside to lead the Body of Christ into corporate worship. A wide variety of musical styles are incorporated in worship. It is not enough, for example, to simply refer to Church On The Hill’s worship as “contemporary”—after all, “contemporary” generally refers to a highly specific, white middle class synth-pop set list. We have some of that, but we also have traditional hymns that hearken to the historical nature of our faith, as well as original compositions steeped in blues, jazz, rock and bluegrass. There’s something for everyone, genre-wise, and the emphasis on musicianship causes our praise team to always bring their “A” game. In addition to corporate worship, we have time set aside for special presentations, since we seek to underscore the significance of artistic integrity within the Church. We encourage vocalists and especially musicians to volunteer to be a part of our worship team, and to create. As we bear the image of the Creator, we also create in worship—and value creation.


We refuse to throw our historical roots under the bus, and we also refuse to be exactly like everyone else. We want to make a joyful noise to the Lord—to sing a new song—to give back to Him what He’s given to us, musically. If you’re a musician, this could be your home.


Our worship team is comprised of experienced performance and recording artists with a heart for leading corporate worship and fostering teamwork. He has a special gift for developing and sharpening talent within the body for the ultimate purpose of glorifying God. If you are a musician or vocalist, he’d love to have you add your talent to the mix. After all, that’s why God gave it to you….to share with others!