Church On The Hill has a special relationship with college students. We have faculty members of SAGU who serve as teachers and volunteers, and we have secular university graduates serving in positions of leadership, as well.


The leadership at Church On The Hill remember what it’s like to be in college: you are far from home, experiencing new and exciting things, eating a lot of Ramen, living by faith, inundated with new temptations, responsibilities, and relationships. We know how important it is that you get established in a home…a place where you can have biblical grounding, solid and reliable relationships, and consistent discipleship community. For this reason, we have a special College and Career Sunday School class that is Socratic in nature–it is a discourse-based course taught by an ordained Assembly of God minister who is involved in the graduate study of Systematic Theology. It is beyond fun, and as long as there is a crowd there will be food!


Sunday evenings provide a time for Bible study in a more informal home setting, and as usual there is food involved. We have monthly movie nights and plenty of opportunities for volunteer ministry if you feel so called. We consider it a special priority to prepare our college students for ministry in the real world, and are happy to help you achieve any internship responsibilities you may have in school.


Additionally, because our staff are all college graduates, we see your grades as a special ministry, as well. We’re happy to help you pursue excellence in your academic studies–whether it’s helping you with homework, proofreading your papers, or just helping you to implement effective time-management strategies to maximize your achievements in the classroom. We want you to be excellent at everything you do–for this is pleasing to God, Who has commanded us to love Him with our whole heart and our whole mind (Mt 22.37).


We hope to see you Sunday morning….bring your tough theological questions and give us a chance to help you find the answers.