Church On The Hill has been around for almost five decades (first as “DeSoto Assembly of God”). While we’re still here and kicking, we have come to grips with some startling realities. If we are to be a healthy, effective local body of believers who engage the surrounding culture for the gospel of Jesus Christ, we’re going to have to change the way we do some things.


Or the way we DON’T do some things.


To this end, we have been working for several months to train the existing members of Church On The Hill for broader evangelistic and ecclesiological ministry—after all, we’re all ministers anyway, right (Matthew 28.19-20)? We have spent the last seven months redesigning our various ministries, and have spent the last three months training one another to actively disciple others, love others, serve others, and use their gifts for the ultimate edification of the Church (Romans 12).



In effect, we’re planting a church within our church. We’ve taken our core of attendees and are turning them in evangelists and servants in the community of DeSoto, and we intend to celebrate our launch on 25 August 2013. We’re going to have a powerful worship experience, a challenging message from the Word of God, various prizes for children, a drawing for a $100 Wal Mart gift card, and the promise of the extended hand of our family to yours.


Please join us for Launch Sunday on 25 Aug at 9:30 A.M.  It will be a life-changing Sunday—for you and for us.