Children’s Pastor: Shaun Anderson

Shaun Anderson grew up in Abbeville, Louisiana, riding the bus to church at the tender age of 11. She was baptized in the Holy Spirit at the age of 16, and has felt called to ministry for years. She discovered Church On The Hill four years ago, and went through the Solid Foundations catechism and Leadership Candidate Course. She has been a tireless devotee to the inner health of the church, volunteering for multiple ministries. She is a founding member of the Cultivation Team at COTH and a model of the type of spiritually mature member that Church On The Hill seeks to grow. She married her childhood sweetheart, Matthew, at Church On The Hill in 2012, when she was 24 years old. 


Favorite Movie: The Help 

Favorite Novel: The Notebook 

Favorite band: Florida Georgia Line 

Hobbies: reading, shopping, and antiquing.  

Off-The-Wall Fact: Shaun is our most diminutive staff member. You could say we don’t see eye-to-eye with her on a lot of issues. You really have to hand it to her…mostly because she can’t reach it.  


Children’s Pastor: Matthew

Matthew grew up in the DFW metroplex, the son of ministers. As a child, his sweet spirit and earnest devotion to good led many to believe that he had been set apart by God for ministry. He played the drums and had a great love for music, so it’s not surprising that he ended up gravitating toward music ministry at Church On The Hill. He was saved at the age of 10 and preached in his father’s church at 15. A man of unimpeachable moral integrity and character, Matthew is one of the most dependable human beings to ever serve in ministry. To spend 10 minutes with him is to understand the gracious love of Jesus Christ.  


Favorite movie: The Avengers (this preference is not, apparently, shared by Shaun!) 

Favorite novel: Lord of the Flies 

Favorite Band: The Subliminal Gypsy Band (they played at his wedding!) 

Hobbies: drawing, watching movies with his wife.  

Off-The-Wall Fact: When the pastor sent him to the grocery store to buy hot sauce for the men’s breakfast once, he came back with some strange Tobasco-based concoction instead of salsa, like a true Texan would have known. This earned him the nickname “Hot Sauce,” and a lifetime banishment from all kitchen-related activities.