So you have doubts.

Good. That means you’re thinking, and that’s never a bad thing. God created you to use your brain; there is no sin or shame in having doubts. But if you’re going to be truly consistent in your search for truth, you’ll want to pursue answers for those nagging questions.

If there is really a God, why is there evil?

Where was God when I was suffering?

Is there really nothing new under the sun?

Can I be a Christian and still trust science?

While no one person, movement or church has ALL the answers, we at Church On The Hill specialize in meeting your intellectual needs as well as your spiritual ones. We have a regular Apologetics Service in which you can show up and text your question to the pastor and actually engage in discussion right then and there! We also encourage you to attend our Apologetics Small Group each Sunday night. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to email your tough question….or show up and ask us in person. We love fellow thinkers!