Based on the reports and feedback from last week’s service, we will continue with the house church model this coming week. The same house church assignments are in effect: remember that these are based on a desire to keep everyone as safe as we can, as “in place” as they can be, and as “distanced” as possible. If your house church assignment is problematic for you, please email or text me and let me know so we can find a way to work it better. There are two “tweaks” to this week’s service: 

  1. You’re going to open up your service with a time of prayer, using recorded worship. Your house church leader will have a link to that, and you will devote time to reintroducing yourself to the presence of the Holy Spirit. 
  2. You’re going to think of one person you can invite to house church. The Lord still wants to save people, even in a pandemic. There are worse things than the virus, and that’s lost people going to hell. And trust me when I tell you that almost ALL of the folks out there would jump at the chance to attend your house church if it meant getting out of their own house for a bit. 

As usual, if you are experiencing a dry cough or fever, please stay home. If you feel that wearing a mask gives you a greater degree of calm, please wear a mask. You should definitely practice “social distancing,” as well. But as learned yesterday, Dallas County has “flattened the curve.” By that, I mean that the statistical number of available hospital beds is going down, which is the measure that they’re using to justify shelter-in-place orders. The corner has been rounded, and the danger is beginning to subside (although it is still present). This means that we might be a couple of weeks away from opening up for real, and that’s pretty nice. We will monitor this each week for any changes. 

I’d like to remind you again of what God told our church for the two weeks leading into this nightmare: He will protect us, and we need not fear the plague, which will not come near our tent. We need not be foolish or unwise, either—but it’s never a good look for a God-truster to cower in fear of the enemy. Our act of defiance against the devil is to show him that we don’t believe him, but we believe God. That’s why we are gathering in house churches this week: the willingness to continue with church (even in ways that are different and try to protect our members from harm) is a response to an enemy who is bent on destroying you.  

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