For Easter, we will worship in the most ancient of ways: the house church model. This is how the early Christians worshiped when government shut THEM down. In our case, our gathering is in compliance with both the Governor’s executive order and County Judge Jenkins’ order as well. Moreover, this model follows the guidelines set by the CDC regarding gatherings and social distancing. However, in order to be in compliance and show love for our more vulnerable neighbors, our house church model has some rules that must be followed.

First, the house churches have been set up with only geography in mind. The reason for this: we don’t want people to drive longer than 8-10 minutes, and we want each house church to have between 5 and 7 attendees. This allows for people to invite visitors to Easter service and still be in compliance with guidelines. So it is important to remember that this gathering is less about “seeing your homies” than it is about the original concept of church: the physical gathering of the Lord’s people around his Table.

Because we do not want to post people’s addresses online, we will email house church rosters and addresses to everyone. If you call Church on the Hill your church home and are reading this online or on our Facebook page, then that means you also have an email from us that contains this information, and you should check it. If you didn’t receive one, that means we don’t have a working address for you….just text Pastor Mike and let him know and he’ll get this to you.

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